Save Commission When Selling Your Home

Most homeowners get a bit of a shock when they realize how much commission they have to pay to their real estate agent when they sell their home.
Save a commission when selling your home

Let’s face it when you sell your home you want to save as much on real estate commission as you can.
Why do real estate agents charge so much commission when selling your home.

Well, the answer is not easy.
Invest Queensland believes that they charge too much that is why we have developed a system that offers home sellers a low commission when we sell your home.
Our commission is just 1.25%.

That’s HALF of what most real estate agents charge throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

You still get the professional service the knowledge and negotiation skills you would expect when an agent sells your home. We go further. We believe our service is better than a lot of other real estate agents.

On an average home sale price of $600,000, you will SAVE $7,500 that is a huge amount why would you want to pay another agent this extra $7,500 when you can keep it for yourself.

Changing Homes can save you even more on commission if you use our fixed fee capped commission real estate service.

We can sell your home from as little as $2,500 by using the fixed fee service.

Finally, there is a real estate agent that cares about the seller that allows you to save a commission when selling your home.

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