Moving House, Who Should You Notify

So you have just sold your home and it is now unconditional, what should you do? Moving house changing homes low commission real estate.

Invest Queensland has put together a comprehensive list of what should be done and who to notify. As your move approaches, there are many items to attend to. An organized approach is essential, and the following may be of assistance.

Select a removalist. Obtain two or three competitive quotes and ensure you discuss insurance.

Have a supply of “notification cards”- it’s the best way of informing people about your change of address.

  • Advise electricity, gas and water providers. Arrange final readings, the disconnection of each and then arrange for reconnections at the new address.
  • Advise Australia Post and have your mail re-directed to your new address.
  • Advise telephone provider for disconnection and reconnection of phone services and the internet to your new home.
  • Advise the relevant authorities for your registration/license.
  • Advise banks, credit card institutions, credit unions, and finance companies.
  • Advise solicitors, stockbrokers and your superannuation provider.
  • Advise the electoral register.
  • Establish which local council you will be moving in to and they will be able to inform you which day the garbage is collected in your area.
  • Advise doctors and dentists. Establish the nearest medical center to your property.
  • Advise any subscriptions (journals etc) of your change of address.
  • Advise your local library and don’t forget to return any overdue books.
  • Close or transfer club memberships. e.g. video, gym sports club etc.

Why pay to move items you no longer want? Start afresh. It is amazing the number of things you will discover, in the process of moving, that you don’t need. Possibly consider having a garage sale!

If you plan to do some or all of your packing start well before your moving date. Start with seldom-used articles. Make sure you identify each box carefully and nominate which room it should be placed in.
Prepare an inventory of everything and carry it with you on moving day.

Last but not least, enjoy your new home.

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